Wallpaintings o.T (c) David Reumüller

Wallpaintings o.T (c) David Reumüller

In his works, David Reumüller examines the properties of individual and cultural identity. His method is the reconstruction of images and generated images. The components of contemporary image production can be experienced on multiple levels in a parallel manner with video installations and photographies. Images are created that reference images – a perceptual experience that expands the fragility of our apparent linear reality. His productions create new landscapes from textures with veiling and covering. Reumüller displayed one of these landscapes within the context of Klanglicht at Dom im Berg.

David Reumüller was born in 1979; he lives and works in Graz and Sausal. Since 1997, Reumüller has worked as an artist, musician and film-maker on various interdisciplinary projects. In his paintings, he portrays usage surfaces such as textiles or fragments from façades for image and identity formation. Reumüller gives his work a special perspective as spatial images can only be observed in their entire spectrum and without distortion from one location. The location of the artist thus becomes identical with that of the observer.

„As the Tourism Association of the city of Graz, we believe it is important to set an example in the public space! For Graz, Klanglicht could represent something like a metaphorical start into a summer of culture!” (Hubert Pferzinger, Chairman Tourism Association Graz)

Location: Dom im Berg