The Lacuna Shifts, Depart (AUT) 

Schauspielhaus Graz / HAUS 3


Mirror, mirror on the wall …

… where am I in this country? This magical world with moving walls seems like a dream. I’m standing on (floating above?) the poetic – fantastical, even – playground of my imagination. Everything around me is in the eye of the beholder – but is that beholder really me?

I move when I stay. I stay when I move.

I think that I fall, but I do not at all. … do I?



Depart is Leonhard Lass and Gregor Ladenhauf. The Viennese duo specialise in virtual reality installations and work with real time 3D environments to generate unique VR experiences. Wearing a VR headset not only transports you to a physically and spatially unstable surreal world, it also allows you to interact with what’s happening there. Based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Lacuna Shifts is a modular dramatic work with the viewer’s perspective playing a central role. And so the virtual experience becomes a versatile stage, where the tension between individual perception and acoustic hallucination ensures that the same play is never put on twice.