Such is life: Janet Echelman began as a painter, but lost her materials on one of her trips. As a substitute, she began working with increasingly larger nets. Janet Echelman’s sculptures can reach a height of 70 metres while appearing to be light as air. Her work “Target Swooping Austria” is exclusively handcrafted and consists of more than 1.6 million knots. Wind and light play with the object, which has been seen by an audience of millions in a meanwhile legendary TED talk held by Echelman. For the first time, the fascinating work could also be seen in Austria at Klanglicht 2017.

US artist Janet Echelman studied visual arts at the New Yorker Bard College. In 1987, she moved to Hong Kong in order to learn calligraphy. She later lived in Bali where she was deeply impressed by the crafts and art of the local population. After her house in Bali burned down, she returned to the US and taught at Harvard University. After seven years, she moved to Asia again, this time to India. Echelman observed the fishermen in her new adoptive country and was increasingly fascinated by their nets. Thus, she began experimenting and creating great works of art from the fragile material, works that have already been seen in numerous cities around the world.

“I’m excited to bring this special piece to Graz – to float in the everchanging vibrancy of this exquisite historical city.” (Janet Echelman)

Location: Freiheitsplatz