Studio Dan (c) Ditz Fejer

The music penned by Daniel Riegler, which could be heard in front of the opera house at Klanglicht 2017, was created against the background of serious social-political upheaval. The plan for the joint project with OchoReSotto was to address this in an unpretentious manner, i.e. speaking up without claiming to have solutions for existing problems. The artists, first and foremost, wanted to counter the current mood with a mixture of hopeless optimism and merciless pragmatism. Daniel Riegler, founder of Studio Dan, works as a freelance trombonist and composer.

Studio Dan was founded in Vienna in 2005. The ensemble began as a big band and meanwhile performs in various large formations. Their début “Creatures & other stuff” has already been awarded the “The German Record Critics’ Award” in 2009. The group moves along the borderlines of many different forms of contemporary music: between improvisation and new music, jazz, rock and electronic music, just to name a few genres. In the past, Studio Dan developed programmes for children and played at municipal buildings, underpasses, public places and sculptures.