The concept for Pulsation originated with Gerhard Kosel. Raphael Meinhart was in charge of the music and performance. The starting point for the project was the “Tribute to Steve Reich”, initially performed by Meinhart at the Austrian Soundcheck 2016. The approximately two-hour long performance employs stylistics as established by Reich, the inventor of minimal music. The breathtaking performance became a balancing act. The entrance to the Karmeliterplatz was the starting point for the heart beats that continued along the path through the mountain. Another light pulse was located at the entrance to the dome and another at the exit area to the Schloßbergplatz.

Percussionist Raphael Meinhart came in contact with the music of Steve Reich early in his life by participating in his father’s ensemble, Studio Percussion Graz. Minimal music has since then run through the musical creations of Meinhart like a golden thread, be it in his own projects such as Who Man Dog, Unchain Meinhart and Trio de Janeiro or as a sideman at Shackleton, Studio Dan or Studio Percussion. On the occasion of Reich’s 80th birthday, Meinhart dedicated a solo project to him that showed strong traits of Reich’s early work, enriched with Meinhart’s own musical elements.  (www.raphaelmeinhart.com)

„For me, minimalist music in times of information overflow is a way of letting the thoughts flow freely again and giving the soul room.” (Raphael Meinhart)

Location: Dom im Berg