“Les Luminéoles” is the name of an installation by the French collective “Porté par le Vent”. “Carried by the Wind”, which is also what happens when the poetic beings, filled with helium and light ascend into the air and dance with the wind. The public space is redefined with the integration of these creations. The Luminéoles float through various cities and have, in recent years, conquered cities such as London, Moscow, Singapore, Istanbul, Lyon and Mexico City in a delicate and fragile manner.

Christophe Martine, the founder of the collective “Porté par le Vent”, already discovered his passion for paragliding in 1987 at the age of 14 and has perfected it in recent years. His hobby ultimately became his profession: As a sports educator, he and his students examined the topic of flying kites for almost twenty years. Based on the Luminéoles, Christophe Martine has developed several programmes with light art works since then, works with sonorous titles such as “Le Bal of Luminéoles” or “Jardin d’Hiver”. The Luminéoles were formed in cooperation with Fête Lumières Lyon.

“Rethinking space, changing one’s perspectives and immersing the world in a new light – this is what connects the Luminéoles with the essential characteristic of theatre. We look forward to it with excitement!” (Michael Schilhan, Director Next Liberty)

Location: Next Liberty