Kunsthaus Graz bei Klanglicht 2017 © Lupi Spuma

Kunsthaus Graz bei Klanglicht 2017 © Lupi Spuma

Based on terms such as living architecture and intelligent exhibition machine, Kunsthaus Graz can be interpreted as a utopian construction with roots dating back to the late sixties. In its organic-technical form, arteries have become transport conveyors; the once transparently designed façade, which is to visualise the internal life of the exhibition machine, has become a pulsing light façade for the public. On the Klanglicht weekend, Mischa Kuball’s youngest work from the current series integrated itself into this façade. Presently, Kuball is one of the most prominent light artists worldwide. In the Month of Light 2017, he displayed public preposition/Utopia, a script that mutates from utopia to dystopia and back. As an endless repetition, it becomes a current portrayal of changing perspectives for architectural, but also social developments here and everywhere.

Katrin Bucher Trantow

20 May 7:00 pm, Kunsthaus Graz (Space05): In the light of the public – public prepositions Questions relating to the significance of public spaces as social-political material are discussed with Mischa Kuball, Barbara Steiner, Elisabeth Fiedler and Bernhard Rinner within the context of Licht 2017. Moderated by Katrin Bucher Trantow.

Location: Kunsthaus