In April 2017, KiöR Styria, the Institute for Art in Public Space, has also dedicated itself to light and introduces eight artistic projects in the inner city of Graz on the topic of “Light”.

The artist collective Plex Noir (D) prepared an interactive light and sound installation for the Joanneum Quarter with the intention of examining the Joanneum courtyard as a place of urban life.

Several works of art on the topic “Light as Resource” by artists such as Atelier van Lieshout (NL), Atisuffix (IT), Manfred Erjautz (A), Werner Reiterer (A), Liddy Scheffknecht (A) and Johannes Vogl (D) were on display in the inner city of Graz. Brigitte Kowanz (A) developed a specific permanent work for the entrance hall of the Museum in Palais Herberstein, a work that visually opens up the hall and makes it experiencable.


More information on individual projects is available here.