The Graz Opera has devoted itself to the topic of sound and light in various contexts within the framework of “Klanglicht”. At the performance of “Follow the Light”, which was repeated in a 30-minute interval, 300 visitors were invited to explore the opera house from a wholly different perspective, namely from the stage. First, the percussionists of the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra took the audience on a journey of sound through the opera house’s stage area. Then the amazing glass bridge became the setting for the second scene: Nothing but radiant light could be seen in a place where normally large pieces of scenery are being transported. The visitors followed this light to the third part of the programme. A small work exhibition awaited the spectators in the assembly hall where “connoisseurs” perhaps recognised scenes from “Norma” or the musical “West Side Story”, but also saw wholly new things. Music, light, scenery and actors conjured up impressive images and allowed spectators to briefly immerse themselves in current productions. The observers not only followed the light, but also the artistic range of the opera house.


“This year, we were inviting visitors to follow the light into the interior of our opera house. We are delighted to again immerse the inner city in light and sound and allow the audience to experience the stage more intimately.” (Nora Schmid, Director Graz Opera)



Artistic conception and project management: Juana Ines Cano Restrepo


Karin Meissl (vocals)

Leonhard Königseder (cymbals, button gongs)

Leonhard Waltersdorfer (vibraphone)

Sebastian Riener (rainstick, wind chimes, ocean drum)

Dominic Feichtinger (keyboard/sounds)

Simon Steidl (marimba)

Lamento/Danza Barbara:

Karin Meissl (perc. 2)

Leonhard Königseder (perc. 3)

Leonhard Waltersdorfer (perc. 3)

Sebastian Riener (perc. 1)

Dominic Feichtinger (perc. 1)

Simon Steidl (marimba/darabuka)

Besetzungszettel Follow the Light in der Oper Graz