The sculptures by the Slovenian architect Katja Paternoster describe the phenomenon of coexistence of different creatures within a common living environment. The intention of the artist is to show the variety of animals that live right among us – and yet still go largely unnoticed. Paternoster sculptures are formed from wire and were displayed with light in the castle courtyard. For Katja Paternoster, light is the element that exerts the greatest influence on her work as an architect and on her life. Only the instrumentalisation of light makes forms visible, allows for the perception of colours and surfaces.

Katja Paternoster, born in 1981, is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. She works as a self-employed architect on various own projects and cooperates with other offices. Her work spectrum ranges from architecture to furniture design. She is also active in the field of light design as she brings attention to current topics by means of light installations. Her works have already been displayed at various festivals such as the Lighting Guerrilla in Ljubljana, the Visualia in Pula, the Bellaskyway Festival in Torun and the Lumina in Cascais. She has received multiple awards for her work.

Location: Burghof