As with previous Klanglicht events, film and projection artists OchoReSotto – Volker Sernetz, Stefan Sobotka-Grünewald and Lia Rädler – were responsible for “playing” the opera house on the side of the Kaiser-Josef-Platz. The light orchestration changed the façade into a visual experience. The focus was on the topic of REMAINING. Movements and elements were displayed in cascades, leaving behind a visual echo. The projection was complemented with a composition by Daniel Riegler, music from Studio Dan and dance contributions from the ballet ensemble of the Graz Opera.

OchoReSotto consists of projection artists, space designers and experimental film-makers from Graz. Their works have thus far been displayed in German, Italy and Japan as well as other countries. OchoReSotto specialises in combining analogue and digital media into a total work of art. They are the founders of “strictly analog studios” in Graz, Trieste, Ljubljana and Tokyo. Besides exhibitions, work exhibitions and an experimental laboratory, the “strictly analog” team has dedicated itself to the worldwide networking of analogue art, design and crafts.

“Klanglicht enchants visitors with impressive light and sound installations. Light is inspiration. Light creates unique atmospheres. XAL and Klanglicht – The fascination of light connects us along the tension arc of design, architecture, art and technology. SEE THE LIGHT.” (Sigrid Mayer, Head of Marketing & Communications, XAL)

Location: Kaiser-Josef-Platz