The Dutchman Rombout Frieling says the following about his concept: “Colours do not actually exist. They only exist in our minds. Colours are the result of complex processes of observation, comparison and adaptation.” A carpet of light and colour that was rolled out on the Opernring in front of the Next Liberty Youth Theatre proved that our eyes can play tricks on us. Slight changes in colouration bring about patterns, structures and waves. Completely different colours can, all of a sudden, have a uniform effect. What seems to be red, may be yellow when observed in a different light.

Rombout Frieling was born in 1983 and studied at Stanford University, Imperial College in London and the Royal College of Art. Today, he is primarily a designer and researcher, exploring how matter moves people. Together with his team, he develops projects that connect technology with human potential. Rombout is the inventor of “vertical walking”, which could, for the first time, be experienced at the Venice Biennale last year. He is also the founder of IKAWA, a social enterprise for the democratisation of the sale and distribution of coffee. For years, he has led the “Experimental Lab” of the Philips Lighting Institute in Eindhoven.

“For many people, light is not only something that is pleasant to the eyes, but essential for survival, especially in road traffic. A pedestrian with dark clothes is usually only noticed at a distance of 20 to 30 meters. In our everyday lives, bright, light-reflective clothing is an important protective measure in the evening and at night. Visibility is security. Remember that when it gets dark.” (DI Peter Felber, Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit)

Location: Next Liberty